JBS Chicken Brands

Our Environment Policy

JBS Australia is a responsible corporate citizen and is committed to integrating environmental considerations into its business decisions.

In order to sustain and protect the environment the Company will:

  1. Manage the Company’s activities in a manner that facilitates the ongoing minimisation of environmental harm.
  2. Comply with or exceed the requirements of all applicable environmental laws, regulations and guidelines.
  3. Develop internal standards and procedures to ensure environmentally responsible practices.
  4. Consult with the appropriate authorities and technical organisations to develop the Company’s internal environmental standards, procedures and practices.
  5. Conduct regular environmental audits at all our sites.
  6. Control and continuously improve our manufacturing processes to minimise any impact on the environment and to become increasingly more efficient in the use of water and energy resources.
  7. Develop processes to enable the Company to anticipate and address environmental issues and ensure that appropriate actions are taken to properly safeguard the environment in the most prudent and economical manner.
  8. Provide relevant employees and external stakeholders with the information and/or training necessary to perform their work in accordance with this policy.
  9. Embrace the concept of sustainable development and strive for best practice environmental management to achieve an ongoing minimisation of environmental harm through cost-effective measures assessed against the measures currently used nationally and internationally.
Click here to download PDF file (259k) of the Environment Policy

Energy Efficiency Opportunities

The Australian Government's Energy Efficiency Opportunities program was established to encourage large energy-using businesses to improve their energy efficiency. It did this by requiring businesses to identify, evaluate and report publicly on cost effective energy savings opportunities. On 11 September 2014, the Energy Efficiency Opportunities (Repeal) Bill 2014 received Royal Assent. The repeal has a retrospective commencement clause and is effective from 29 June 2014. Accordingly, all obligations and activities under the EEO Program have ceased. However, JBS continue to investigate and implement effective energy saving opportunities across its Australia operations in accordance with our Environmental Policy.

Suppliers Guide Terms and Condition

These Terms and Conditions are to be applied to JBS purchases from suppliers of goods or services excluding livestock. These Terms and Conditions are not to be applied to JBS purchases from suppliers who hold a current supply agreement unless otherwise authorised. Any further enquiries can be placed utilising the Enquiry Form on the Contact Us page.

Click here to download PDF file (78KB) of the Purchasing Terms and Conditions.

JBS Australia gives notice that the following policy applies to all suppliers:

Social Responsibility Policy

Terms of Trading

These Terms and Conditions are to be applied to JBS sales of goods and / or services. Any further enquiries can be placed utilising the Enquiry Form under Contact Us. Click here to download PDF file (102KB) of the Trade Terms and Conditions.

Our Food Safety and Quality Assurance Policy

JBS Australia Pty Limited and JBS Australia (Southern) Pty Limited (the Company) is committed to meeting all legal and licensing requirements in relation to food safety and quality assurance. This commitment is achieved by

  1. Implementing food safety and quality assurance controls throughout all stages of the supply chain.
  2. Ensuring the food safety program meets all requirements of the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS).
  3. Maintaining very strict hygiene requirements to ensure that all products prepared for human consumption are wholesome.
  4. Requiring employees at all times to comply with all hygiene specific training, instructions and directions.
  5. Ensuring the quality assurance program meets the requirements of AUS-MEAT.
  6. Maintaining very strict quality assurance standards that are essential to customer requirements.
  7. Ensuring that our product through the role of designated Quality Assurance Officers at all sites complies with customer specifications prior to sale and distribution.
  8. Requiring employees at all times to comply with all product specific training, instructions and directions and assist Quality Assurance Officers in the performance of their duties.
Click here to download PDF file (243k) of the Food Safety and Quality Assurance Policy

Pollution Incident Response Management Plans (PIRMP) & Monitoring Reports

JBS Australia have prepared in accordance with the POEO Act, Pollution incident response management plans (PIRMP) for each of our licensed activities in NSW. These are accessible by the following links to download PDF copies of our respective PIRMPs and Monitoring Reports.

Caroona PIRMP Caroona Monitoring Results
Prime City PIRMP Prime City Monitoring Results
Riverina PIRMP Riverina Monitoring Results
Scone PIRMP Scone Monitoring Results
Yambinya PIRMP Yambinya Monitoring Results
Chullora PIRMP