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Primo Foods Wacol Enterprise Agreement 2019

As you know, negotiations for a new enterprise agreement at Primo Wacol have been occurring for four months now, with eight meetings held between the Company, union bargaining representatives and delegates since March 2019.

The Company has now finalised its offer and has presented a final document to Primo Wacol employees. It can also be accessed below, as well as an FAQ document answering questions that have arisen in the process.

What has changed in the Agreement since the last time you voted?

  • The 2% increase to wages and allowances is effective from the date of approval of the Agreement by the Fair Work commission, with an additional increase of 2% effective 13 April 2020.
  • In addition to above increase, upon a successful vote (majority YES) those employees who are eligible to vote will receive a tax free $290 gift card before Christmas.
  • Change to definition of afternoon shift – the 15% afternoon shift penalty now applies if the ordinary hours in your shift start as early as 1pm (not 2pm)
  • Change to definition of Operations Manager – it is now the Factory Manager (or equivalent), rather than the General Manager of Operations, who plays a key role in the resolution of disputes and in classification decision making.
  • Change to the start or finish time for a shift worker – this now requires 7 days’ notice (not 36 hours’ notice) other than on a short day.
  • Change to public holiday clause:
  • Primo can no longer substitute a public holiday for another day by majority agreement; this requires your individual agreement.
  • If you work a night shift, you will be paid public holiday rates for the part of a night shift that is worked on a public holiday and night shift loading for the rest of the shift.
  • Labour hire clause that has nothing to do with Primo employees have been removed.

Important Dates

  • The vote will take place on 30 and 31 October 2019. The Ballot Notice provides the exact times for each location.
  • The ballot concludes on 31 October 2019 at 7:00pm. The votes will be counted immediately following the ballot and the result will be issued by way of a      Notice immediately following the count.
  • Recognising Our Team Members

    Recently we congratulated our September Values Winners and Outstanding Achievers! We are proud of our team members who embody our Values in all they do. Congratulations!


    What else have we done?

    During the negotiations, a number of other issues were raised by team members and bargaining representatives which were not related to the Agreement itself.

    However, as part of our belief that our team members are our most valuable asset, we have listened! To improve break times, we’ve introduced:

    • Bench seating in the smoking area
    • Two pie warmers in each lunch room
    • 16 new microwaves with additional power supply points.

    Useful information

    How do I vote?

  • The vote will be by Secret Ballot at your workplace.
  • You may provide a Proxy to another employee to vote on your behalf
  • •   Proxy forms are available from HR.
    •   The form must be fully completed and provided by your Proxy to the scrutineer at the time of the ballot, in order for the Proxy to receive a Ballot slip to            vote on your behalf (the employee with the Proxy will still be able to lodge their own vote).
    •   We recommend you only provide a Proxy to someone you trust to do the right thing by you.
    •   The Proxy cannot be an employee who is performing the role of a Scrutineer.

    As we are using an electronic system to vote, voting will be simple and will only require a few minutes of your time.

    Who can I talk to for more information?

    Please see a member of the HR team for further information or if you have any questions.