History of JBS

our story

Our employees make us the undeniable leader in our industry.

The story of JBS begins in 1953 in Brazil, when Jose Batista Sobrinho (whose initials now name our organization) started out processing just five head of cattle per day. Through business smarts, intelligent decision making, acquisition and a lot of hard work, the Batista family has taken our company from a small, homegrown, family-owned operation to the world’s largest meat protein producer.

Growing from a five-head-per-day company to an organization with more than 140 production facilities worldwide wasn’t easy, but JBS has always had the power of its people behind it to help pave the way.

JBS has thrived as a result of the determination, innovation and hard work of its employees. We recognize that the ability to meet and exceed our goals comes from the people who really drive the business : from the employees who help produce a quality product on the front lines of our production facilities to those in the Corporate Headquarters making strategic business decisions. Our employees drive and foster our culture of excellence.

The global demand for protein is expected to grow exponentially in the coming decades. The role of JBS will become even more important as people around the world have an increased ability to put meat on the table for their families.

Through the continued pursuit of excellence – driven by our determination to recruit, develop and retain the best talent – JBS plans to remain at the forefront of this growing global need, solidifying our place as the undeniable leader in our industry.