JBS Feedlots


Swift Brand

Beef City Feedlot

The Beef City Feedlot is a 26,500 head capacity, 800 hectare feedlot located 40 kilometres west of Toowoomba, in the heart of the rich grain growing region of the Darling Downs in Queensland. Utilising four steam flaking mills and a modern fleet of paddle mixer trucks, the cattle are fed locally-produced wheat, barley, sorghum grain and quality roughages.

JBS Australia’s Beef City grain-fed beef processing plant is located adjacent to the Beef City feedlot. Therefore, all cattle processed each year at Beef City Plant are cleaned and prepared by the Beef City Feedlot team. The site includes a farming operation that produces crops such as corn, winter cereals and forage sorghum for either daily supply for the feedlot or as silage or hay.

Feedlot Manager: Sean Sturgess

Swift 1855 Brand

Mungindi Feedlot

The Mungindi Feedlot is a 12,000 head capacity, 400 hectare feedlot strategically located in the extensive farming region of the Western Darling Downs, 30 kilometres north of the New South Wales/Queensland border township of Mungindi.

The site provides feeder cattle backgrounding opportunities and enjoys access to abundant winter cereal grains, cotton by-products and a broad cross section of feeder cattle suppliers, making it a strategic asset to the JBS Australia grain-fed business.

Feedlot Manager: Matthew Luhrs

Aspen Ridge Brand

Caroona Feedlot

The Caroona Feedlot is a 23,500 head capacity, 1,390 hectare feedlot situated 35 kilometres west of Quirindi, in the centre of the major cattle and crop-producing area of the fertile Liverpool Plains in New South Wales. Through four steam flaking mills, Caroona utilises locally-grown wheat, barley and sorghum grains, in addition to corn and sorghum silage, cereal crop hay, cotton seed/hulls and molasses, to manufacture exceptional quality rations.

Feeder cattle are sourced from throughout central New South Wales. The site is equi distant from JBS Riverina Beef Plant, Yanco NSW and JBS Beef City Plant, Toowoomba, Queensland, making it a strategic asset in the supply of grain fed cattle. The site includes both irrigated and dry land farming, supplying feed commodities into on-site storages.

Caroona Pollution Incident Response Management Plan
Caroona Environmental Monitoring Results

Feedlot Manager: Richard Nicholls

Swift Angus Brand

Prime City Feedlot

The Prime City Feedlot is a 35,000 head capacity, 6,200 hectare feedlot located 45 kilometres northwest of Griffith in the Riverina. Prime City has state-of-the-art infrastructure, including a modern grain processing facility with three steam flaking mills and 24-hour steeping capacity, uniform yard design and impressive cattle handling systems. Prime City feedlot will re-open in March 2014.

With a secure water supply and large on-site water storage, the Prime City farm is able to supply all roughage required by the feedlot.

Prime City Pollution Incident Response Management Plan
Prime City Environmental Monitoring Results

Feedlot Manager: Emily Perkins

Swift Angus Brand

Riverina Beef Feedlot

The Riverina Beef Feedlot is licenced for more than 53,000 head capacity. It is situated on a 2,000 hectare property located 12 kilometres southeast of Yanco, New South Wales. During 2010, Riverina Beef became the latest addition to JBS Australia’s feedlots.

The modern Riverina Beef Feedlot produces high-quality cattle sourced throughout southern Australia. Cattle are fed utilising locally-produced feed commodities and seven steam flaking mills. The site includes fertile farming land with irrigation, providing the safest, high-quality roughages from the Riverina Beef farm. The consistent, high-quality cattle fed at Riverina Beef are processed at JBS Australia’s adjacent Riverina Beef processing plant.

Riverina Pollution Incident Response Management Plan
Riverina Environmental Monitoring Results

Feedlot Manager: Will McCrohon