JBS Chicken Brands

Dinmore Hide plant

The Dinmore hide processing plant allows hides from JBS Australia’s Queensland and New South Wales facilities to be processed for further sales in-house. Construction of this world class facility completed in February 2010. The hide processing facility has a back to back fleshing operation so that all the hides are fleshed green on their arrival at the plant and has a production capacity of 340 hides per hour. Once the fleshing is complete, hides are cured in raceways. While hides from a number of plants are processed at this facility, JBS Australia has installed chilling and shortening facilities at our Townsville, Rockhampton and Riverina Beef processing plants, improving end product quality and compliance with our customer specifications.

The hide plant is currently handling 32,000 cattle hides per week.

The hide processing facility employs state-of-the-art equipment allowing capture of excess brine in order to convert to usable salt. This technology ensures no excess salt makes its way back into the surrounding environment and that the facility meets or exceeds all environmental regulations and requirements.

Following processing, hides are graded into the following grades

  • New South Wales (European breeds no humps)
  • TFA ( Tick free hides including humps)
  • Straight run (ticky hides).

Hides are packed on pallets ready for shipment and containers are loaded on site & delivered to the port for shipment to the overseas markets. Primary markets for JBS Australia hides include China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia & some European destinations.